We can assure Payroll for you.

Contract & amendment

We can help you find the best adaptations corresponding to your situation while avoiding pitfalls, and this in relation to our lawyers.

Disciplinary measures

We can assist you in the actual analysis of the situation (with the determination of the strengths and weaknesses) and help you to put in place the most adapted solution.

Social security Charges

Our aim is to systematically optimize the situation of your entity.


Our preparation for social control minimizes the risks. We can ensure the conduct of the audit.


Layoffs and resignations: We can help you ensure that, both in the form and on the consistency of the file, you are covered to the maximum Contractual termination: We can assist you and ensure the formality of the file. Transaction: We ensure—with the best adaptations—the conventions to put a definitive end to a conflict.


Human Ressources

Human Ressources

Unique Document

We help you make and maintain the latter in order to anticipate and protect the entity and its leader from the consequences of an accident.

Annual assessment interview

We can ensure the establishment of the assessment interviews and the function sheet corresponding to the organization chart of your entity.

Training plan

We can ensure the establishment of the professional maintenance grids and the function sheets corresponding to your company-specific organizational structure.

Company Bylaws and it charters

We can ensure the appropriate implementation and periodic review of: The Company Bylaws, in order to ensure the dissemination of a code of conduct, The IT Charter


We ensure the proper conduct and compliance of procedures in the various elections of employee representatives to which your company is subject.

Employee saving & compensation policy

We can accompany you to determine the best remuneration or various benefits policies, in order to optimize the satisfaction of your employees and to minimize the social charges and the taxation induced.


Health at work

Within the framework of the various obligations, we can help you implement the various mandatory measures that protect your company from infringements and allow it to have an exemplary and positive social responsibility.

Bilans Sociaux

Nous réalisons en accord avec vous un bilan social avec la mise en avant d’indicateurs adaptés.