Full Service or tailored

We can offer a full service or a tailored service to address your daily gambles.


We can ensure all—or in part—of the processes that affect your entity.

Accounting Service

Complete and flexible Service. At our office, at your home, via the Internet or scan, several possibilities are conceivable

VAT & Taxes

We ensure the compliance and optimization of all your tax obligations.

Annual review

We ensure compliance with legal requirements and a true view of your entity.

Reporting fce/us

We can ensure the reporting within an agreed deadline, with restatements adapted according to the FRA/US form or any other.


We ensure the implementation and respect of IFRS norms.

Accounting & Administrative processes

We can organize your administrative and accounting system.

ERP implementation

We can assist you in setting it up and personal training.

Financial Audit

Financial Audit

Legal Mission

According to legal obligations applicable in France.


For an event, we can:

  • Ensure specific obligations.
  • Make a diagnosis.
  • Validate an operation.

Due Diligence & Data Room

We can accompany you and take charge of—during an operation of transfers or acquisition—the constitution or control of the file.


We can make with the help of several methods, and by reference to the market, a complete record. We can realize with different methods, and by reference to the market, a complete file.