Financial Audit


Search For Financing

Based on the needs identified in a business plan, we support you in the search for financing.

Aids & subsidies

Separately from the search for financing previously carried out, we look at what aids and subsidies can be appropriate for your situation.

Long term asset strategy

We can help you find possible partnerships that can be adapted to your development.

Financing strategy

We can help you find possible partnerships that can be adapted to your development.

Stratégie trésorerie

En fonction de votre activité, des constats passés et des prévisions, nous vous accompagnons dans l’optimisation de la gestion de trésorerie.

Management Consulting

Business Model

We develop the main parameters that can lead your project to a reality, whether your project is a creation, an addition or diversification of activities.

Business Plan

Once the Business model is achieved and/or before each beginning of the fiscal year, we prepare an annual or multi-annual business plan that is accessible and comprehensible.

Annual forecasts and profitability threshold: Before the beginning of each fiscal year, we advocate and assist you in the preparation of an annual forecast with the main parameters of alert and vigilance, like the profitability threshold..

Profitability threshold: Determined according to different hypotheses, we can help you set up indicators of annual or monthly profitability.

Treasury plans: Based on a business plan, we develop an approach to annual cash flow.


Thanks to the Business Plan we realised with you, we are able to offer you a regular monthly follow-up of your activity.


Based on the results of the dashboard of your operation: we can develop a cash flow forecast for the next three to six months.

Cost Price

Thanks to the mastery of areas of management, we are in a position to determine with you the most suitable cost prices that allow you, depending on the circumstances, to follow your achievements and especially to position yourself correctly on the markets.